Omid Kokabee

Omid Kokabee (born 1982) is an Iranian experimental laser physicist at the University of Texas at Austin who was arrested in Iran after returning from the United States to visit his family in January 30, 2011.
Kokabee has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. He is serving a 10-year sentence on charges of communicating with a hostile government.


Amnesty International considers him a «prisoner of conscience held solely for his refusal to work on military projects in Iran and as a result of spurious charges related to his legitimate scholastic ties with academic institutions outside of Iran.» Anybody of us could be Omid: his detention and condemnation is so arbitrary that all Iranian scientists, and all academics in general, feel under threat. This risk damages not only the security of many people, but as well the future of Iran, preventing researchers to work and collaborate with this country. In order to convey this message, we call to students, scientists, and people concerned with Omid’s situation to participate in this campaign.
We hope to collect a great number of pictures that should visually convey our message of justice for Omid and peace of mind for Iranian students and academics.

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  1. Türkmen Says:

    Omid(ümit) kowkabi türkmen dahi atom bilimci hapiste ve 10 Nobel ödüllü bilim adamı serbest bırakılması için baş vurdu Türkmenlerden ses yok.

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